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Crocodile Park is a crocodile breeding complex located in Serang, Cikarang, Bekasi. We could go through the toll gate West Cikarang (Lippo Cikarang) into the right direction, toward Jonggol, Bogor. Captive breeding of crocodiles is known as Indonesia Jaya Crocodile Park (IJCP) or the Crocodile Park Cikarang. The number of alligators that be cared approximately 500 crocodiles, Crocodile Park Cikarang is one of the largest captive breeding in Asia and even the world.

Aside from being a captive crocodiles, Indonesia Jaya Crocodile Park (IJCP) as well as alternative recreational facilities, as it provides a place for recreation. There is a playground for children, facilities for leisure, entertainment stage and even on certain days of man and crocodile shows are held.

Indonesia Jaya Crocodile Park (IJCP) is not so big. There is no guide to get there. If your friends from Jakarta, go to Cikampek toll, and exit at West Cikarang toll gate. Turn right toward Trade Agreement, which is located around 11 km. On the right road position.

Entrance Indonesia Jaya Crocodile Park (IJCP) is Rp 12,000, - for adults, Rp 6,000 for children. For children less than 3 years old, was made free by guards ticket.

If you've ever visited a reptile museum in TMII, or Zoo, the crocodiles in IJCP this collection will leave you stunned, approximately 500 in number of tail. Crocodiles on view at close range. Partitioned by a fence about 1.5 meters tall with a distance of 1 meter from the cage.

The crocodiles are the animal quiet. They stand motionless in tens of minutes. So, until the cage first, we had thought the crocodile in the park is a statue. Most of his collection is the Crocodile Sumatra. There was also an Albino crocodile, Crocodile Tank, Crocodile Estuary, Irian Crocodile, etc...

Indonesia Jaya Crocodile Park is an asset for tourism in terms of Bekasi. Many things can be removed from this place, like the development of crocodile skin productivity gained from captivity, where rescue crocodile species in the wild has begun to shrink the object other than tourism. Hopefully Indonesia Jaya Crocodile Park was able to get better attention from relevant agencies and interested people can visit this tourist attraction is not necessarily exist in other attractions.


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